Winner of the 2016 New Rivers Press Electronic Book Series, this novel by Anne-Marie Yerks tells the story of two actresses who reshape their dreams after moving to New York to star in a TV show. Pre-order your copy at Amazon today and read it on your computer, Kindle, or your smartphone.





Actresses in a Chicago comedy troupe, Daphne Corbett and Kristin Brewer share a stage as Jean and Jeanette, a pair of dim-witted legal secretaries upstaging the show’s headliners. When their performance attracts an ambitious entertainment agent from Manhattan, the girls move to New York with hopes of stardom and success. But the search for apartments and showbiz jobs takes them in different directions: In spite of an easy break, Kristin relapses into the bulimia she’s been fighting since high school. Daphne makes a living with modeling and bit parts until her introverted magazine-writer neighbor Caleb stars her in an independent theatre production. When she dumps the play (and Caleb) to pursue a more interesting role, she triggers a string of events leading back to Caleb’s small stage production — and Kristin's vision for it. The shared journey leads them to understand that dreams are worth only as much as the struggle to achieve them and that the hardest part to play is yourself.
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Press Materials

"Dream Junkies" is scheduled for e-publication by New Rivers Press on August 8, 2016. Categorized as upmarket women's fiction, the novel is about 240 pages long.

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Anne-Marie Yerks is a Detroit-area writer and creative writing instructor. Her work has appeared in many magazines and journals. Learn more at her website: annemariewrites.com

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Press Kit. Download a Microsoft Word file containing the official press release, book summary, author biography, photos of the author, book cover, and contact information.

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Excerpt. Download a PDF file and read the first chapter of "Dream Junkies." Only twenty-three to go after that!

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Pencils. Receive a free "Dream Junkies"#2 pencil with a confirmed purchase. Forward your receipt, name, address, and color choice (pink, green, yellow, orange) to daphne (at) dreamjunkies.nyc

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About the Electronic Book Series
The New Rivers Press Electronic Book Series is an eBook-only series that includes popular fiction titles with literary value in the genres of Action-adventure, Crime, Detective, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Western, and Inspirational, and all sub-genres within and across those categories, from new and emerging authors. Review copies and author interviews are available upon request.



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